Brownbag: Iteration in `R` using `purrr`

Please join us for another installment of our occasional brownbag series. Srikanth Mudigonda, Ph.D., the Director of the M.S. in Applied Analytics, will be giving a short overview of techniques for iterating in R using the most modern, tidyverse-centric approach - purrr.

The purrr package offers a powerful interface for repeating the same task over observations, variables, or over pieces of information stored in vectors or lists. It can be used to read in a large number of spreadsheets and collapse them automatically into a single sheet, search strings for a list of different words, and iterate over observations. If you’ve ever used loops or the apply family of functions and want to level-up your game, or if iteration has seemed intimidating in the past, this brownbag is for you!

Where: 3600 Morrissey Hall

When: Wednesday, March 20th from 1pm to 3pm

RSVP: Register via Google Forms