We are a collaborative, interdisciplinary group at Saint Louis University focused on building community around open source software and open science.

We host a seminar series focused on the programming language R each semester. We also provide a forum for brownbag sessions where SLU faculty, staff, and students can share open source data anlysis skills. More details about our projects and our commitment to creating an inclusive, welcoming data science community are available on our About page.

The DSS is organized by Christina Garcia, Kelly Lovejoy, and Chris Prener.

Get Involved
The easiest way to get involved with the DSS is to sign-up for our email list below and attend an event (or two!). You can also volunteer to give a brownbag seminar if you use open source software or open science techniques in your research!

If you have some R skills, we are looking for folks to maintain a lesson (ensure all the files are present, the code executes, there are no typos, etc.). If you have other skills, like Python, or know how to use tools like the open science framework, and want to help us expand our curriculum, that is another way folks can contribute. Reach out to one of the organizers if you are interested in contributing to lesson development or maintainence.

Stay in touch
We send out occasional annoucements to the open source community at SLU. If you want to hear about upcoming seminars, brownbags, and other open source events, subscribe to our mailing list! You can also follow us on Twitter and join our GitHub organization.